HALLPOT® non-contacting magnetic hall-effect angle sensors  ----- These devices measure rotation angle to control or monitor machinery and equipment.The sin-cos hallpot ® RESOLVER enables angle measurement through 360 degrees. Hallpot ® Two-Pi linear 360 ANGLE POSITION sensor produces a linear signal voltage over 360 degrees. Hallpot ® POTENTIOMETERS produce a single sine signal output that is useful over small angles such as +/-30 or +/-45 degrees on either of two slopes. Hallpot ® TILT sensors produce two signals that are linear for measuring tilt angle.

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NEW Two-Pi Linear Hallpot® 360 degree angle sensor

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This sensor produces two simultaneous linear signal voltages over a full 360 degrees.

Signal ranges can be calibrated to fit your needs and power supply voltages can also be selected by the user.

Two simultaneous slopes are produced so that they can be used in either direction of rotation.

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Shown here is the new tilt sensor.

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Present Initial aplication of   hallpot® tilt sensors is to control the tilt angle of large nets used to obtain samples of live organisms in the oceans throughout the world.

They are useable as safety tilt sensors on cranes earth moving equipment , logging equipment, dump trucks, large ships for roll detection, or wherever tilt is important for safety or proper operation.

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Top picture is a collection of various packages that Hallpot® angle sensors are in.


Bottom is the common versions that most people use. See 


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These hallpot® potentiometers accurately measure angle and use the natural characteristic that a sine signal is very linear over useful limited ranges up to +/- 45 degrees. They are available as standard devices to fit 5 volt, 12 volt, and 24 volt battery powered   systems in vehicles.


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These are the sin-cos hallpot® resolvers and are commonly used to measure and control the azimuth of large antennas rotating through 360 degrees.

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This Shows the response of the new Two-Pi Linear Hallpot® 360 degree angle sensor.


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This shows the two signals in the sin-cos hallpot® resolver. See Technical Notes for a decoding method.

BRIEF HISTORY  ---- hallpot® angle sensors for measuring rotational angle were developed starting in 1979 by the engineer / owner of Elweco, Inc. This technology  is based on the principle discovered by Hall more than one hundred years ago. Originally, they were designed to improve the reliability and safety of joysticks used on electric wheelchairs. From this early application that required exceptional reliability and safety considerations, they evolved as angle position sensors for industrial and military equipment as a result of their reliability and repeatability.
hallpot-dimensions.pdf hallpot-principles.pdf hallpot-Specs.pdf hallpot-SevEnv.pdf spec-2pi-2.pdf Technical Notes

A 3 page pdf file that contains

drawings with DIMENSIONS for standard configurations

A 2 page pdf file that contains

PRINCIPLES of OPERATION for hallpot® angle sensors

A 2 page pdf file that contains

SPECIFICATIONS of power supply and signal response

A 1 page pdf file that describes

hallpot® angle sensors for SEVERE ENVIRONMENTS

A 2 page file that describes:

The new Two-Pi hallpot® linear angle sensor.

APPLICATIONS --- hallpot® angle sensors are designed and built to be used in normal or severe environments where failure of the sensor must not occur. They are intended to replace resistive potentiometers, RVDTs, resolvers, and other types of rotation sensors. They may be filled with oil and used in high pressure or underwater environments. Typical systems include control of throttles, airfoils, hydrofoils, cameras, dancer loops, antennas, automobile suspensions, steering, weapons, valves, Automobile Test Dummies, or in any system that requires accurate and reliable measurement of angular rotation

PERFORMANCE FEATURES --- All versions of hallpot® angle sensors  generate their signals by moving a magnet near a hall-effect sensor. Rotation of a magnetic fiels generates an electrical output signal that is an accurately controlled function of input angular position. There is no contact between the magnet and sensor such that there are no unwanted wear functions to affect the signal. Expected operational life is exceptionally long and depends only on the grade of bearings within the devices.

MECHANICAL CONFIGURATIONS --- hallpot® angle sensors are nearly identical to the mechanical configurations of existing devices such as servo-mount and resistive potentiometers. This enables them to replace the existing devices without redesign of the user's mounting configurations. Additionally, Elweco, Inc makes special configurations to fit non-standard or unusual geometry of the user.

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